Sending Bluetooth to two S1 pros from Macbook pro

I want to add a second S1 pro to my portable system. How can I send bluetooth signal from one source to two different wireless speakers, without using a separate mixer.  I love not having to bring a mixer, extension cords, etc.  Any advice?




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Hi Dhelou,

Welcome to the Bose forum, thanks for stopping by!

Using the Bose Connect app on a mobile device, you can pair two S1 Pro speakers in Party Mode (both speakers play the same audio) or Stereo Mode (one speaker plays the left channel and the other plays the right).

However, the Bose Connect app is only available on mobile devices, and cannot be installed on a PC or Mac computer. To play from your MacBook to both S1 Pro speakers simultaneously, you would need a wired setup.

Hope this helps!

Any plans to add this feature in the near future?

Hi pdias,

The Bose Connect app is only available for iOS and Android devices - there are no current plans to make this available for Windows/macOS.