Set up L1® Classic for DJ

hello i just today purchased a bose classic l1 system, the ps1 ser number 03249... with the blue tagged base amp 3 out. sorry folks, i dont know the lingo so ill tell you what i do now, kj/dj on fri nights have a qsc amp feeding 2 ev sx 300 passive speakers mix comes from a mackie board with external effects, 2 samson air line wireless mics, i play the music from cdg only (sounds warmer) thru a pioneer v10g . i play dance sets whenever using a thinkpad laptop with an external drive with some music using zararadio this goes into a channel via the headphone out. ive been doing this for about 13 years this way really sounds good everyone young and old dig the show and we all have fun, i want to adp the bose so when i do a party itll sound as good and i save my 63 year old back and the bose looks cool too. i would like help with what i need to start with the playing of the laptop music thru the classic system. i wont mind some wise cracks as long as the're witty. if you can spell out what i need ill get it 

thanks all for your patience

edit title: Previously "some help with setup"
Bose Pro Community Admin 

Hi jimmysmooth,

Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community and congratulations on getting your L1 Classic (a great unit).

The easiest thing to do to get you going is ...

Connect the outputs of your Mackie mixer to the L1 Classic Channels 1 and 2.

Turn up the output of the Mackie mixer to unity and play some music.

On the L1 Classic

  • If you have the R1 Remote - set the volumes to 0.
  • Set the input trims so you get a solid green light on each channel (red flickers are okay).
  • Set the Presets on both channels to 00.
  • Bring up the volume on the R1 Remote to 12:00 on both channels
  • 'Control the overall volume on the Mackie mixer
  • Going forward, you won't need the R1 Remote 

Okay, how does that sound?


thanks set up works fine thanks again


thanks st works fine