Setup advice for PowerShare Amp

Hi Bose,

After some advice from my post in the FreeSpace Amplifiers section, I think I will go with the PowerShare option. Would someone be able to give their advice on the following setup:

Use a PowerShare PS404A with:

  • Channel 1:  1x Panaray 402
  • Channel 2: 1x FreeSpace DS40F
  • Channel 3: 1x FreeSpace DS40F
  • Channel 4: 1x FreeSpace DS40F

And 4 ControlCenter zone controllers for each channel (cat6 cable has already been installed for this).

Should I use the PS604A in case there is not enough power for the 402, or will it be ok since it will share the unused power from the other channels?

Thanks in advance, Andrew.

Yes I was planning on using 4x CC-1 zone controllers.

Thanks very much @Arno-at-Bose!

Hello Andrew,

Good to read you will go for the PowerShare 404A and you are correct that the PowerShare will divided the total maximum power (400 Watts) over the 4 outputs. This means that the PowerShare 404A should be sufficient for the system you specified.
For your information, the PowerShare only supports the CC-1 (so no source selection)