SiriusXM "Service Unavailable" from SoundTouch app or preset on 10/20

I too have had similar issues with Siruis over the last few days that have been described here, error 1302, momentary interuptions while playing, or it just stopping entirely and the speaker saying to select a preset, etc.  Prior to the last few days it had been working well for a long while.  I have SoundTouch 10'2, 20's and 30's, all up to date and my app is up to date too.

Same issues for almost a year. Same people reporting this problem for almost a year. Bose doing nothing about it for almost a year. 


Bose expecting is to solve their problems and spend our own time getting them logs with no results, as per a private message I received. 


Here’s a known positive resolution - just unhooked and unplugged all my SoundTouch speakers and removed them from the app.  Moving to Sonus full time. Problem solved. 

Hello, I might as well add my name to the list of people having SiriusXM problems, It has worked for over a year and a half, no problems until this week. Soundtouch20. My SXM subscription is up to date and I can listen to it on other devices. What is the fix for this?

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Thanks for posting and welcome to the community, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your SoundTouch 20. I would be more than happy to help you with this today, what troubleshooting have you already tried from this thread?

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Zoe or any other moderator, 


We had this same problem last year and it took about 4 weeks to solve. Since this is a reoccurring system wide issue which cannot be solved on the user side, is there any estimate by Bose techs when this issue can be resolved?


Are the Bose techs working with SiriusXM techs on the issue this weekend?  


How will we be notified that SiriusXM on Bose is working again?


Some idea of when this issue may be fixed would be very helpful. 




John Carr



Add me also to the list.   This issue should pushed up to mgmt.


Has this issue even been escalated????




Should  I look at Sonos instead.





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also will display.......Hmm.... Looks like Sirius XM isn't available right now.  Please try again later (3918)  


the new update is really bad

I have had this issue with streaming Sirius for well over 2 years ... nothing resolves it. Has to be some glitch with the interface between the 2 companies, no problem with any other service. 

Please do something to fix issue .. wasn't a problem when I first purchased the speakers 


I was trying to get my SiriusXM to work on my ST10 speakers. Something strange is happening with the ST10 speakers. I removed the speaker to reconnect. After pushing the 2 and sound minus buttons and getting the Amber WiFi glow, When I went to the WiFi on the iPad settings, no Bose ST network. Repeated several times, same results. My ST app is up to date as well as spear software Any suggestions on how to connect?