Sleepbuds II - Discharging quick (Case or Buds)?



I also posted this in the German community on 21-10-2020 but got no answer yet.


My Sleepbus (or Case?) are discharging themselves quick. The case and the buds were totally empty within a few days with only use for short testing 2 or 3 times. After that I made a full charge and a reset on the case.


After 2 or 3 days without using the buds one of the five LEDs (charging level of the case)  got out. 12 hours later another one. 6 hours later the third one. I thought this must be a malfunction so I got a replacement from the seller.


Now - with the replacement - after 3 days without using the buds, also the first LED got out.


Is there a (un)known problem of heavy discharging? Won't the buds go out when putting into case (like the Soundsport Free)?


(Sorry for my bad English)



Thank you for reaching out. 


What you are experiencing is normal, the Sleepbuds II can discharge gradually over time if left within the charging case. Your earbuds will begin charging when placed within the case, once fully charged this will stop and continue the cycle once again, this will eventually cause your charging case battery to deplete. 


If you have any further questions do let us know.

I'm having a similar issue. I place the Sleepbuds II in the fully charged case and if I don't use them for a few days the case is drained and I can't connect the buds. If I plug the case into a charger for a few minutes, I'm then able to connect and the buds report 100%. This is very annoying at 3 o'clock in the morning and can't be right?

Thanks for choosing Bose! I'd like to explore this more with you. Have you charged the case for a full 6 hours until the LED's inside the case glow solid? 



I have the same experience, just briefly put in charging cable wakes up the buds and i can connect (they are 100% charged) yesterday i had one dot but no charging light when taking them out and put them back in case, could not connect but as mentioned just briefly charge them i could connect and buds shows  100% charged



i always charge them for more than 6 hours on each charging cycle



I have the same issue with my Sleepbuds II. I don’t use them often (usually about once every couple of weeks), so I have phone free mode enabled and keep them in the case. I always leave charge the case to its full charge after I use them. This way I can just grab them in the middle of the night, put them on and they should start working instantly. However recently I’ve found that when I try to put them on, the battery is completely depleted after just a few days of not using them. With my original Sleepbuds I was able to leave them in the case unused for a few weeks and they would still be charged when I tried to use them.

When you notice that the bud's battery life is depleted, could you let me know what the charging case battery LEDs are showing? 

 The charging case battery is also depleted.

Thanks for confirming that! We do have an active thread regarding this which has more information. Please take a look HERE and I encourage everybody to comment over there if they have anything further to add.