Sleepbuds II Issues - After the latest updates one bud turns off during the night

Bose product name: Bose Sleepbuds II


Country: Romania


Firmware Version:


App Version: 3.0.6


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Android 10


Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce: I take the Sleepbuds out of the case, fully charged, their two battery lights being solid white. Then, after I use them for 4-6 hours, either the left or the right earbud just stop playing, while the other Sleepbud keeps playing. I then go to the Bose Sleep app on my phone to check what happened and it says "Looking for left(or right, depending on which disconnected) earbud". I put the faulty bud back into the case, leave it there for 2-3 seconds, then take it out. After doing this, the Bose Sleep app detects both buds, but the faulty one is at 1% battery level, while the one that was still working is at 40-50%. I then manage to use them for 2-3 more hours (as I normally should, without interruptions) and the faulty bud does not stop playing sounds again, even though the battery level shown by the app is still at 1%!


When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously?: Started encountering these issues after the first updates that arrived in January/February 2021. Bought them in November 2020 and had no issues until the January/February 2021 updates started rolling in.


Any troubleshooting steps you took: Kept the buds charging in their case and the case plugged into power until all status lights were solid white and no longer blinking. I reset the case multiple times. Unpaired and re-paired the Sleepbuds from the app. Uninstalled and reinstalled the Bose Sleep app.


Would you please provide a fix for this issue? It is clearly a problem on the software side, as the faulty bud keeps working for a few hours after being placed back into the case for 2-3 seconds, even though the Bose Sleep app reports their battery level being 1%!


I went through 6 pairs of Sleepbuds 1st gen and these second generation ones were actually a dream come true for me, until this software update managed to make them do exactly what the other generation did: one of the buds stopped playing in the middle of the night.


These issues, unlike the 1st gen ones, are obviously not hardware related so can you please fix this as soon as possible? Really don't want to go through the money-back/replacement pair turmoil yet again...


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Hey Wyspr,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I hope outside of this you're loving the Sleepbuds II so far.


I appreciate you trying various forms of troubleshooting to amend this - I'm sorry to hear none seemed to improve things for you. To confirm, you only noticed this issue occurring since the most recent firmware update for your Sleepbuds? Have you had the chance to run the Bose Sleep app on another device, to see if this version of the app is incorrectly stating battery life?

Hi Sam,


I was in love with them until now, as they had fixed every issue I had with the 1st gen (and there were quite a few issues!).


Yes, this bug started occuring only after the update they received back in January or February this year (don't remember exactly when that was ). As I said, I had been using them since mid November 2020 and had zero issues with them until the first firmware update received this year.


I didn't check on another device, as I have only one phone. I will try to find a second one, install Bose Sleep on it and check the battery level the app reports next time one of the buds stop working while connected to my main phone.


Exactly the same issue hear. Wake up to left earbud dead. Reactivate by putting it in case and it comes back showing 1%.


I had not tried keeping them in though to see if its misreading bat level. Right was at 51% so presumed left had battery failure so was going to return.


Fw 11.9.00 / /


I did have phone alert on and wondered if that was eating up more power on the left bud.

, I am sorry to hear this and would love to help. Have you tried any troubleshooting at all? Also, can I please ask where you keep your phone at night and which phone you have?

Hey Vicky,


I keep my phone on a bedside table so at most 2 feet away but more like 1.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10E.


I'm testing the buds during the day and notice that more often than not when I check the app it shows the left earbud as disconnected even tho the phone is only a few feet away. After maybe 30 to 60 seconds it seems to be connected again. I have call notification disabled too


I have tried taking my phone out of its case to see if that makes much difference but still seeing the left drop out randomly despite sitting on my desk in line of sight at no more than 2 feet.

It keeps playing sounds so this would not be an issue during sleep but I wonder if the regular connection drop/reconnect eats up more power.


When I have awoken to the left bud playing no sound I reset it by putting it in the case. Since it came back but showed 1% I put them both back in to charge. Not sure if it will continue to function as Wyspr experienced but I'll try that too next time it happens


The next things I plan to try are..


  1. installing the app again.
  2. Resetting the case.
  3. Disabling other Bluetooth devices (I have a galaxy watch connected at all times overnight and day)
  4. Trying the app on another phone (Samsung S8).
  5. Trying the app on an Ipad
  6. Crying and returning them (really great when they work and I don't want to be without them)




Hopefully, one of your fixes does work, but if they don't, be prepared for an absurdly long turnaround time on your replacement. I returned mine for this exact reason. Bose received mine on March 8th, but didn't acknowledge that until the 22nd, and sent me an email to "expect shipping notification within 5 days" on the 30th. I still haven't heard anything.  Good luck.

Dear all,


I have also been also experiencing the very same issue in the last few days, as an Android user. 


When I go to sleep, both Sleepbuds seem to be fully charged. However, during the night, the right one turns off. If I put it back in the charger for a second, then it turns back on and the app shows 1% battery on it, while the left one still shows 40 or something %. Leaving the offended bud in the charger for a longer time, and checking its status regularly, the battery seems to charge in a normal way.

This morning, interestingly, putting the Sleepbud in for just second didn't do the trick: I had to leave it in the case for more than a minute to turn it back on.

The strage thing is that I have started experiencing this problem very suddenly.


I have already tried resetting the case with and without the Sleepbuds in it. 


What I have been doing is to take them out, choose sound and alarm.

Then put my phone in airplane mode or turnoff Bluetooth.


I find that after 8 hours use they are showing 60ish charge on both buds in the morning when I reconnect them.


I think the irregular drop in charge has something to do with 1 bud struggling to stay connected during the night and my way of using them avoids this. If you need the phone call alert feature then this is obviously not valid but is fine for me.





The bug happened again so I tried installing a fresh Bose Sleep app on a Samsung Galaxy S10 (Android 11) and connecting my sleepbuds to it. Sadly, the reported battery percentage (1%) is the same on the second device, as can be seen in the attached pictures.

This time, it was the right bud, not the left, that suddenly lost connection and then started working again after I placed it back in the case and removed it. It has been running at 1% for the past two hours!


Firmware Version:

App version: 3.0.7


Galaxy Note 9:

Galaxy S10: