Something happened and we couldn't add the speaker to SoundTouch account

Hello. Ive conect my system throw wi-fi, to ethernet, usb. 

All works, says the system is conected to the wi-fi. 

Ive tried on laptop and on androind S8.

Ive went in the rooter settings, checked to be 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz. Both. I do not have no firewall.

Ive tried and made 3 acounts , ive conected after all this at wifi hotspot made by phone, to be a diferent network.

And always i get the message "Cant' conect. Something happened and we couldnt add the speaker to you account. Please try again later"


But the system is found, i go to configure, write name, and at the end i get the message above.

I did all that said here on the forum. Nothing works. 

Pleasee help