Sound of bass guitar in L1 model 2

I tried 2 guitars and electric bass through T1 Tonematch mixer to my L1 model 2, but the sound of the bass, a Jazz bass, was not pleasant through the column- some high pitched percussive noises. Has anyone experienced this, and is there a solution?


This is with a B1 sub, which in itself sounded fine

Hello again cc407,


With a single B1, the low end may seem a little lacking (I would always recommend at least 2 B1's or a B2 for a bassist.)  The biggest difference, however, is the frequency response of the tower section, which does a really good job across the whole frequency range.  If you're used to playing through a dedicated bass amp that emphasizes the bottom, you'll hear a whole new world of percussive sounds, tones, finger slides, and the like from the tower.  It's just that you're not used to hearing them, and they're now closer to ear level.


Adjusting the sound through the T1 will be the biggest challenge to getting the sound you want.  I don't have any particular suggestions there -- I used to play bass but haven't picked one up in several years.  Hopefully some bassists will jump in here and share their settings.