Soundbar 300, no sound

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I've had my Bose Soundtouch soundbar 300 and sub for months. I had an issue over the past two weeks where the speaker system was "auto timmer off" every 20minutes and shutting off the entire system (as it should with HDMI CEC). I did some recon and my speaker wasn't even on the network so my app couldn't find the speaker to turn the timer off. I had to start from scratch.


I spent hours this weekend by resetting the entire system to the default settings. I re-paired the sub, used my mobile device to bounce the setup onto the network and located the system with the app. I've got 95% of this working. We can listen to music, pair to bluetooth devices, use Alexa to make commands,ect. Unfortunately, the only part that doens't work is the TV. I have an HDMI cable hooked up to the (ARC) inputs of the TV and the speaker but they aren't commuincating. Unless I have my TV speakers on, I have no sound. The TV indicator light is active and white, so it should be working. When I use my TV to search for connected HDMI CEC devices, it says "none found". I replaced the HDMI cable and it didn't work....


Any ideas? Thanks for the help


Joe B


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I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing but i'm glad to hear you have most of it working again! 


I would recommend unplugging the TV and the SoundBar, Waiting for 30 seconds. Plug in just the SoundBar and select the TV source. Then plug the TV back in. 


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Jessie O - Community Support

I tried all the mentioned options and still not able to get the sound using ARC input. This is for Sound touch 300 to Samsung 65 sound issue

This actually worked for me. The trick was to unplug the entire system (TV, Bose and my fire TV), plug the fire TV and the Bose back in after 20 seconds or so and wait for a full start up. Once everything was fully running, I plugged the TV back in and it worked. I was plugging everything back in at once after the shutdown and I never got them to work until I waited

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unfortunately I seem to have a similar problem, but also after unplug/plug the soundbar as well as the TV what worked before I don't get any sound from my Samsung TV to the soundbar. My second device xbox works like a charm via the other HMDI connect, but as said before no TV sound. 


What actually surprises me the most the TV recognizes the soundbar as an external receiver, however, when I try to change to audio volume before I saw a number displayed on the screen. Now it is only a plus or minus sign. It looks to me the Samsung TV and the soundbar have only a partial connection. Any updates in the last week which might have caused the issue?

I ran my HDMI cable to the (ARC) input and output on the TV and the soudbar. They should be labeled. If you press the Tools button on your TV remote, you should have HDMI-CEC enabled and the TV Speaker Select set at Receiver. You also have to access the Bose soundbar settings and set the soundbar to HDMI CEC. Try the unplug trick again and maybe that will work. I don't have the game console but I'm sure that's just a separate HDMI.

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Unfortunately I tried this already. Used also both HDMI-CEC settings for the soundbar, unplugged both devices etc, but no sound from TV to the soundbar. Everything worked until begin of this week since The beginning when I installed the soundbar a year ago.


Today I did a full reset to factory defaults at the TV as well the soundbar w/o any improvement. When I try to set the TV to change to TV sound output to Receiver the TV displays the following error message: "Anynet device is not connected. Please check connection and retry".

Mine did the exact same thing.... My Bose soundbar needed to download an update. That was the culprit of my issue. Make sure your soundbar is connected to the home network and make sure you don't need to download a new update. Beware, once I completed that update, my whole system took a crap. I had to go through all that setup from scratch. But the unplugging trick was my last hurdle. Check for an update with the soundbar... possbily have to do that through the app... I forget how I got that far. It's all a blur now