SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve Plus Firmware Update - 3.1.1 - February 16th

On Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 a new firmware update will be available for our SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve Plus series of speakers. These updates will be available on the site and over-the-air via the Bose Connect App.


Firmware Version Number:

  • 3.1.1


Release Notes:

  • Improvements to phone call routing and audio when using the speaker for phone calls
  • Fixed bugs and did some general cleaning under the hood

Thanks for the info I just updated my 2 SoundLink Revolve and both udpates went fine.

I noted that you have to disconnect USB and switch it back again after the update.

They both sound to work normally and not side effects noted.





Hello just updated from 3.0.4 and it seems the bass doesn’t sound as full compared to before the update. 

  • Bass response is surprisingly reduced in this latest firmware update (3.1.1).

I have updated my Soundlink Revolve and performed all restarts, reboots and quick fixes suggested but my unit still flashes orange constantly when plugged in (with original Bose charger that works on other devices) and will not turn on or do anything else!  It was working fine when last used and then it has sat unused for 2 months.  Now it is dead!! Please help.

what did the firmware do to my revolve !!  there has no BASS at all, even i use ViPERFX to boost it~~


How can I make it roll back to the previous version??


What are you planning? Why deliberately reduce performance?

In my case, the sound is sharper. The highs and mids are clear. Certainly the basses are less deep. However, it used to distort at high volume. Sounds like a good update to me.

Good morning,


Afer the firmware update (done via the Bose APP) on Friday 26/02/2021, My speaker went dead!

No lights, not charging (using the original charger and cable), no bluetooth on, nothing... dead...

the only working thing is the NFC. The speaker connects via my phone, bu no sound, no lights indicationg that it is on, basically connected but not on.

Please inform on what to do (the speaker is less than 6 months


Thank you 

I seamlessly upgraded two Revolve SoundLink first-generation to 3.1.1

I did it from IOS app, with the speaker only connected to one device and power-plugged. At some point of time (when the 5-minutes update process itself is initiated) the device seems "off" but it isn't: give it 5 minutes to complete.

The tone is maybe slightly different (more high frequencies) but I don't find this problematic at all (no lack of bass imho)