Soundlink revolve party mode

Hello all!


I recently bought a second soundlink revolve to have them connected in party mode from my computer, when I use the app from my phone, everything works perfectly (stereo mode) so I connected one to my computer and then tried to use the app to link both speakers but when you link them through the app the connection to the computer gets lost, then I tried to connect both speakers via Bluetooth to my computer and it works just fine, however not perfect as there's no way to have them playing in stereo mode, is there a way to solve this?? I am interested in watching movies from my computer and would like to have stereo sound, is there an app for windows or maybe a web extension of some sort?? any help would be appreciated


From a movie lover

After further reading I found out that one can set party mode/ stereo mode manually from the device I did it and now I have my both speaker working accordingly! here's the link: Party and Stereo mode with the Bose® Connect app&text=From the Connect app, select,will be in Party mode.