SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones Right one won't turn on



I bought BOSE SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones 2 months ago.


They had been working pretty well until yesterday.


I tried to use the headphones yesterday and took them out from the charger. The right one won't turn on. The left one has white blinking light.


As matter of fact, I have followed the instruction of the trouble shooting. (Removing from the bluetooth list and tried to add back in)


However, now I can't even connect to any of my devices. (iPhone and/or Windows PC)


When I place them in the charger, I see white solid light. (This means they are fully charged)


On my BOSE app, I see them when they are in the charger. But I don't see them if I take them out of the charger.


When I used the Find My Buds, I see them and can play the sound if they are in the charger. But I can't see them or play the sound if they are out of the charger


How do I fix this??


Worse comes to worse, I am from an small island in the pacific. There is no store for the BOSE here.