Soundsport Wireless; buttons dead and cannot switch off


as of yesterday the buttons of my Bose Soundsport Wireless are dead.

Cannot control volume, play/pause and more importantly power off/on, although the headphones are still working correctly as sounds is being played as before.

It might be a coincidence but the issue started when I moved out of range of my mobile phone and the  headphones notified that connection was lost. I moved back into range and the headphones reconnected automatically but the reaction to volume buttons started to be very slow, like volume would change 10 seconds after pressing, and shortly after stopped working completely.


I waited complete discharge of the battery hoping that it would be tantamount to a reset but after recharging the problem is still there.


Please community managers, DO NOT suggest to reset the headphones because the device CANNOT BE SWITCHED OFF: it looks like a firmware issue and I'd love to have a reset button to press but unfortunately it is not there.


I found posts describing similar issues but unfortunately no solution other than servicing the headphones (it would be the second time, first time due to heavy battery drain).


Any last suggestions before I call Bose support?






Hello Sergio69 and thanks for reaching out! 

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your SoundSport wireless. I'll be happy to help you! 

When you plug the headphones in are you seeing any sign of them charging at all? 

It might be worth trying to reset the headphones, I understand you are not able to switch off the earbuds, but the reset steps for this particular product do require them to connect via a USB connection. So you can skip the first two steps and see if the earbuds will respond. You can follow the steps here.

However, if you are still unable to get them to power on or function, then I highly recommend that you contact your local Bose support team for further assistance. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Hi Liam,

the headphones recharged fine but the suggestion you gave unfortunately did not help.

It is disappointing that a hard reset via button press combinations was not foreseen with this model and one needs instead to follow a sequence of plug in/off which is simply not applicable when the buttons stop working and the device cannot be switched off.

The even weirder thing is that the stand-by timer is set to 5 minutes via the Bose Connect mobile app and the power button manages to wake up the headphones from stand-by, but for whatever reason it can't switch them off.

I already called customer service and I'm afraid I'm out of luck with the warranty because it expired two weeks ago.

Overall I am disappointed with the quality of headphones of this class, although I have to admit they sound great: I  had to service them after 4 months since purchase for a battery drain problem which seemed very common. And now this.


From Bose I would have expected a much longer lifespan for a product of this kind.




I have an update but no solution yet.

Local support suggested to check whether the headphone firmware is up to date.

This can be done by going to the website and following instructions.


I did it and my headphones' software effectively needed updated but even after the update procedure completed successfully the problem still persists.


Sorry that the update has not resolved the power button issue for you. At this point, I would have to recommend that the headphones are serviced. As you may already know, this will need to be booked in with your local customer support. If you're in the US/Canada/UK, you can contact our support via private message on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the contact details found by going to Global Contact Us > Select your country > Scroll to the bottom of the page > Click 'Contact Us'.


If you have any additional questions, please do let me know.

Hi Charlotte,

yes, this is what I did, despite the warranty having expired since a few weeks, Bose through the local service partner approved a replacement.