Soundtouch 10 not playing Spotify

My Soundtouch 10 will no longer play any Spotify music.

Soundtouch 10


Interface Ver 26.0.1

App Ver 26.0.5

Spotify Premium Account

Has always work until recently.

Hey , thanks for posting!


Very sorry to hear that you're having issues streaming from Spotify on your SoundTouch 10. Are you streaming from the SoundTouch app or via the native Spotify app? 


As best practice, I'd recommend that you reset both your speaker and your router. To do this, remove the power for at least 60 seconds. 


Let me know the outcome of this. 

I am playing from Soundtouch app.

Reset / powered off 60s / router and speaker. No change, will not play anything from Spotify (Premium acct).

Thanks for trying this troubleshooting.


Have you removed and re-added your Spotify account from the SoundTouch app?


Do you also get any error messages at all when you attempt to use Spotify?


Can you use other services such as TuneIn fine? This way we can just see if this is isolated to Spotify.

Thank you! Was not getting any error messages. Could play other services TuneIn & Pandora. Removed Spotify from app as suggested. Also unplugged speaker for 60sec while Spotify was removed. Plugged back in. Added Spotify service. Now Spotify plays again! Thank you much!