SoundTouch 20 Series III - no Airplay 2



In Feb 2020 I've updated the speaker (along with my other ST 10) with the latest software. ST 10 works fine but ST 20 did not get the AP2 feature. At that time I believed that I apparently must have had Series II or Series I.


After reading and however, I'm pretty sure that I have Series III.


Factory reset did not solve the above problem.


Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing the problem or how to fix this?




Your ST20 III is probably missing the necessary hardware, some early revisions do.
Contact Bose support, you‘ll have to send it in and they will upgrade the hardware for free.



I've just wrote an email to the support; let's see what the answer will be.




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I'm sorry to hear you're unable to access Airplay 2 on your SoundTouch 20 III. 


As noted by GEORGzer, some early revisions of our later SoundTouch models do not feature the hardware necessary to enable Airplay 2 functionality. That being said, we have service options in place to ensure all customers who use products that should support Airplay 2 can use the feature. Please reach out to local support in your region to discuss your options via this link.





thank you for shedding some light. That information would be better suited prominently displayed on one of these pages: My apologies if I overlooked that caveat.


I just purchased an ST30III specifically for it's airplay functionality, unsure if it's in the run that don't meet the hardware requirement. Your post implies I should be able to use the feature nonetheless, but offers no details. Could you elaborate on the process or offer specific things we can say to customer service reps? I'm a little lost on the general support page.


many thanks!

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To clarify the process:


When contacting the team, you'll need to explain your system has struggled to connect using AirPlay 2, to which you'll be asked to provide your product serial number. Within that number, there will be a date of manufacturer value, that the support agent can use to identify whether or not your unit is AirPlay 2 compatible. For certain products, the team will be able to help you and service the unit to become AirPlay 2 compatible.


I hope this helps - please let me know if you have any further questions!

Very well. Thank you.


Bose support is always helpful and that is appreciated.

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As mentioned by , your system may need to have some hardware updated to get this to work for you. Reach out to us using the steps he provided and we would love to help!

thank you for quick answer! Unfortunately, I am in Russia, and the service center said that the replacement will be paid and will cost like a new speaker. as I understand it, they should do it for free.