SoundTouch: Add iTunes playlists to presets

Hi, I had my soundtouch playing playlists from my iTunes library (set to various presets) last year but for some reason now it is coming up with an error code saying that the content could not be played.  I removed the presets linked to my playlists thinking I could relink them but now it wont let me set the presets to my library or playlists or artists etc.  I removed my library and supposedly have re-added (got the message saying it was added) it but when I click on the library there are no playlists or songs etc showing (if I search for a track none can be found).  I have my iTunes library stored on my Mac laptop so not familiar with NAS and both my laptop and BOSE speaker are on the same WIFI network, both turned on, iTunes open… hmm.  Any suggestions to getting back to what I had would be greatly appreciated.  This is all a mystery to me (and over my head too!).

I can’t thank you enough!!! LEGEND! All sorted and happily listening to my favourite tunes again.  Thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello LynsBins,
It sounds like your iTunes library can be added, but appears to be empty within the Soundtouch application. If this is the case, the first course of action is to make sure that the “Share iTunes XML” option has been enabled from within the iTunes preferences. To find this setting in iTunes, click on the word iTunes in the upper left-hand corner of the iTunes application, then choose Preferences and go to the Advanced tab. If there isn’t one already, put a checkmark next to “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications”, then hit OK. Finally, click on the black Soundtouch icon at the upper-right of your desktop and sync the music library. 
This should resolve such an issue, but if it does not, please leave us a response below.