Soundtouch App Won't Update on Mac Catalina

When trying to update my Soundtouch App on Mac desktop running Catalina, I am receiving an error message after downloading the update.  The error message is: 

"SoundTouch-osx-installer" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.


I'm using the download from here:


I've tried unistalling Soundtouch and reinstalling and I'm still receiving the message.  Please advise.



If you go to the macOS security settings, do you get the option to „accept“ the installation of the unverified software?
At least with fresh installs, this is usually the way to do it.

Thank you!  That fixed my issue with the fresh download   

Yes, Bose considers that Mac users (majority of its consumers) have no right to expect that Bose products will work for them. I have pleaded for assistance. Their "workaround" will not function for you, and they will not help you to get this to work (I've spoken to several service people at Bose). I've been trying for months, and I'm really angry about it. 

Hi Thinktruth. I was just converting from a PC to a MAC and have now encountered this same issue.


my specific issue is that even if I start from a clean install of the latest posted Soundtouch app software from the Bose website (I am able to successfully install), when I go to open the app after the install I am then prompted that the software needs to update…over and over again. 


I’ve reviewed all of the MAC update related posts on the forum and it looks like your is the latest. Have you come across a solution?