SoundTouch compatibility

Hello - I have four SoundTouch speakers in my house and would like to buy another.  Bose has discontinued this line (I don't know why, I think they are great).  So what speakers does Bose currently offer that would be compatible with my current set-up?  I looked through the forum and could not find anything.  Maybe that because there is not current offering that works with SoundTouch?

Hey Mreimann, 


Thank you for your post and welcome! 


Regarding your query, we do not have any speakers in our current line that you can connect to your SoundTouch multi-room. 


If anyone has any suggestions, please chime in below!

  Unfortunately the SoundTouch line has been discontinued along with it the SoundTouch app and protocol. Moving forward I suggest you purchase a Bose Home Speaker or Portable speaker (I have both working with my SoundTouch speakers via Airplay.)


I think it would be great if Bose updated at least the apps to run both SoundTouch and Smart Home speakers. In the meantime Airplay will do the job.






will Bose Guarantee that they will continue to support the SoundTouch App and no, the Airplay is not the solution as some Sou douche speakers could not be upgraded to Airplay 2. We should be able to continue to use our speakers as intended i.e. using the associated SoundTouch App.
However, why they can’t integrate the ST speakers into the new Bose Music app is unacceptable even if it meant limited functionality for the ST speakers when compared to the Smart ones. The built in obsolescence is shocking, shameful and a disgrace for a company like Bose to treat its customers like this. It should have been a priority to integrate their ST and Smart speakers (even in limited play music only - no Alexa required fashion and not via Airplay) ………….a lesson in how to lose friends, customers and alienate your loyal client base eh? Why would any of us invest in the new Smart Speakers when Bose could make them obsolete in a small time frame. Come on Bose - you can resolve this……..! 

 I only offered some work arounds. Sadly we consumers are on the losing end of the tech obsolescence and this gear doesn’t last forever. If your speakers aren’t Airplay upgradable and you want better compatibility, I suggest it is time for a new speaker. 


I agree, it appears like a simple matter to upgrade the older SoundTouch speakers to run on the Smart Home Bose Music app but I am not holding my breath for that to happen.