Soundtouch / Plex / Playlist / Synology

I have 9 Soundtouch Speakers and have Plex running on my Synology.  I can see & play all my music however I can't see my Plex Playlists.  


Can someone help?

Hi Eric.R.Rogers,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!


It is worth noting that NAS drives using Plex media servers are not fully supported by Bose SoundTouch, so this could be the cause of the issue. However, we can still have look into this further together and see if we can get your playlists working!


How did you create the playlists on your Synology? Did you create this using the Plex software itself, or did you create them another way?


The first thing I would recommend doing is removing and readding your library from the SoundTouch app to refresh the connection. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Music Services > Music Library on NAS > [Your Music Library] then pressing remove. After doing this, re-add it from the Add Service option in the menu.


I look forward to hearing back from you.

So if you are using Plex with your SoundTouch it would be through Plex's DLNA server.  Last I checked Plex playlists are not available through DLNA so that would be why you do not see them.  The explanation I read from the Plex folks is that this is due to the way the DLNA server works and interacts with the rest of Plex.  So if you want to be able to use your own playlists you'd need some other DLNA server like Twonky, perhaps if that is compatible with your Synology.  

I created the playlist inside the Plex app. 

I can see them on the Plex web app, iOS App and every way I can use Plex. 

I have also tried removing Plex from the SoundTouch app and added it back. 


thanks for trying to help. 

Thanks. I didn’t know that about DLNA. appreciate it.