SoundTouch Speakers Firmware Update - July 2021

On Thursday, July 29th 2021, a new firmware update will start to be made available for Bose SoundTouch Speakers and Soundbars for a small number of users. The full rollout will then follow for all users on August 10th.


Firmware versions
Lifestyle 550, 600, 650 & ST300 Soundbar: v27.0.1.4378430
SoundTouch Speakers 10, 20, 30: v27.0.1.46282.4378406


Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

  • SimpleSync™ Enhancements
  • Security Enhancements
  • General Bug Fixes

Wayne, you should correct the date in the title :yum:

Very frustrated…

I have 9 speakers…. I was expecting the clock bug was fixed…


let me explain again…

every time I group speakers, if the group owner is a device that contains a clock, it later does not work. The clock gets frozen at a time or the display does not show it anymore.


it is totally random. Sometimes this issue does not happen, but when it happens, the only way to fix is by unplugging from wall.


I have ST 300, 5x ST 30, 2x ST 10 and 1x ST SW adapter.


Also, the last one , ST SW adapter is not listed but it also got updated.


Please, could you guys fix this issue? 
This happens when one of the ST 30 are the group starters, owners. I have clock enabled on all of them. If the group owner is a speaker that does not have clock, issue does not happen. For example, if it is ST300, any ST 10 or SW, there is not clock issue.


ST 30 and ST 10 are all series III (3)


Thank you

Nice to know that our units will continue to receive updates.


If any features would be added to Soundtouch it should be these:

1. Make the enable network option - to broadcast the network address to other Soundtouch units without a power cycle, thus fixing a known problem affecting play all.

2. Update the NAS support so I do not have to keep my NAS on its old version of Twonky media server and can update to My Cloud OS 5.

3. Gapless play back on Spotify connect (as Smart Home just got) and NAS playback.

4. Allow to set the time format for Soundtouch 20 and 30 - sometimes it just changes formats during a day on its own.


I am right in saying that Simplesync with Soundtouch, is of no use at present unless you already have at least one Smart home device, as Bose Music ignores Soundtouch devices.

To be fair when the Bose music app was created the intent was to have SoundTouch accounts merge into Bose music- that never happened and oddly enough Bose never changed the plan they decided to let this linger on and sorta launch Bose Music products but then got rid of all plans for whole home audio. As you can see all the stereo speakers, computer speakers and amps that work for smart home are vanishing. Bose will soon be a bluetooth speaker, headphone and maybe a Soundbar or too company. If you want whole home Bose is not a viable choice. 

Community Forum link is gone from   Can only get here from Bose Pro.   Looks like Bose is becoming only a Headset and Hearing Aid company along with its profession loud speaker systems - hence Bose Pro only continues.

Latest update has caused AM300 to keep disconnecting. Flashing amber and white intermittently. Tried complete reset ton o avail.

will there be a fix?

Spoken to Bose support, and it seems that the acoustimass needs to be serviced and it is a ‘hardware issue’ despite the fact that it is this update that has caused it.



It appears the SoundTouch Mac app is out of date. Both my speaker and iOS app are fully updated to version 27.0.1. But when I try to start the Mac app, a prompt message tells me to update it, and when I click on it, it sends me to the SoundTouch downloads page.


And the version you can download there it still is 27.0.0. So, I can't use it, because it still tells me to update it.

Noticed today that a new update has been made available 27.0.2.

Its been applied to our Soundtouch devices this morning and the Android and Mac apps have also been updated too.


Any idea what was done on this update?


Don't touch it or apply it, it removes TuneIn radio functionality from Soundtouch devices, I am sure that's why there are no posts about it. It will turn your devices into glorified bluetooth speakers,

After 48 hours TuneIn now seems to have reappeared on my systems, thank goodness.

Any info about the newest firmware, that could be downloaded atm.


Does it break something?


And where do we get those infos from other users if this community closes on sept. 30th. 2021?  or are there any good suggestions for communities with active bose soundtouch users?