Spare/ repair kit of speaker companion 20



I am looking for a replacement speaker assembly for companion 20 model speaker in India. 


The surround edge at the diaphragm is damaged. Any lead to find a replacement spare or repair kit will  be helpful.


Thank you.

Hello Muralshan89 and welcome to the Community! 

Thank you for reaching out, for replacement parts or services, I recommend that you contact your local support team for further assistance. 
You can find their contact details here

If you need anything else like troubleshooting or any questions answered, feel free to message again. 

I hope this helps! 

Hi, I am looking for a replacement speaker assembly for companion 20 model speaker in India. The surround edge at the diaphragm is damaged. - 609966.

, I would recommend speaking with your local team to get this resolved as your system will need a repair to do this. You can reach out to the team in India here