Speakers and Amplifier integration

Hi everyone,

I have 30 Bose FreeSpace DS-16F speakers and 1 Powershare 604A Amplifier that i intend to use for an office complex.

Can this Powershare Amplifer take the entire 30 Speakers?

(2) Should I connect to 8ohms or 100V on the speaker?

(3) The Knob selector does not turn to the 100V mark

(4) Can i also connect a 1 Bose CC-1 Zone controller to adjust volume across four zones?

Hi Arno,

This worked perfectly u I want to introduce a subwoofer to give the entire sound some depth. What model of Bose Subwoofer will you recommend.


Secondly, can I have all the input channels connected to several device and have them sound individually from the four output channels? That is; have input channel 1 play only from output channel 1 and on.



Hello Taju,

The PowerSpace 604A can provide 600 Watt. So you will be save with the 30x DS 16F (30x16=480 Watt).

If you want you can connect them to one output or divide them over the 4 channels.

You should change the tab rotary on the DS 16F to 16W/100V on each loudspeaker. See also the installation guide.

When using the PowerShare 604A as a 100V amplifier (use the dip switches on the rear of the amplifier), make sure you wire the loudspeakers in parallel.

If you use multiple channels:
Wire your source to all the PowerSpace 604A inputs
Set the dip switches as follow:
1 off
2 off
3 on
4 off
5 on (output 1)
6 on (output 2)
7 on (output 3)
8 on (output 4)