ST 300 wifi and soundtouch LED indicators flashing alternatively - but in amber



What does it mean when the WiFi and SoundTouch LED indicators are blinking alternatively in amber?


I can see no such thing in:


The speaker can transmit sound from an HDMI source (from an AppleTV) at the time when the indicators are blinking. The speaker is not available in the ST app, though.


Unplugging the AC power cord solved the issue - when it appeared several days ago - but now it has returned. 


Does anyone have any ideas?




The issue has appeared for the first time just after the July 2021 update


The other speakers (ST 10, ST 20 and SA5) have updated without any issues.

Have the same issue after July 2021 updat.Any solution?

Apparently the only solution is sending the bass unit back to Bose for ‘repair’.

Hello  ,


Where did you get such an information.


My case is not about the Bass module; I have the ST 300 with surround speakers only.






The issue has now appeared for the 3rd time; could anyone from Bose reply?




Same thing here, had to unplug the ST for 3 or 4 times now. After which all is okay for a week or so.

Starting to get annoying any reaction from Bose?


just noticed a fw update was available after I did a new powercycle, noticed the same blinking leds during the process, fingers crossed the problem stays away.