Subscribe to Gain (or other) Block

To receive feedback from a Gain block (for example) Control Processors (Crestron/AMX etc) need to issue a "get"command. This is usually done after each 'set' command and on connect. Other system processors offer the ability to 'Subscribe' to a block that creates a constant stream of updates between the control object and the target block, keeping the UI in sync with the target block. 

I would like to suggest we look at this feature for future releases. 

Great suggestion and for your information, our engineering team is already working to implement this feature.
Lease date is unknown for now.

To receive automatic notification when a processing block is changed by a CC64 or CC16, change the processing block name by starting with a "#".
See serial protocol for more information.



Speaking about remote Gain Block control, I would like to have a Relative Incremental/Decremental Command for a single Gain Block.

Now that is possible only assigning a single gain block to a separate Group and using this relative inc/dec command for the Group.


Hi Moreno,

Although you can program this in Crestron/AMX it would be nice to have a function like this.
This was already back logged for CSR, and I added it for the serial protocol.