Summer outdoors gig

Whats the hottest weather you’ve used your Bose, and how long was the gig.

Hi. I just played an outdoor wedding reception yesterday starting in the late afternoon. It was above 100 in the shade. I have played in 115 plus before with no problem. The reception yesterday was over 5 hours.

Pretty hot but I did have a Compact shut down on me from having it sit in direct sunlight for several hours before show time. When I took it out of the sun it worked fine. I don’t know about the M1 or M2 but the Compact has an auto shut off when the internal temp exceeded a pre-programed setting. In the future, I plan to cover mine with a white linen if it must be in the sun.

I have used my 2 L1 Compacts in many outdoor situations. My last opportunity was for a Ceremony in a pasture running it off of a Black and Decker Battery Pack. It went just fine…however, the wind kept it from being extremely effective (gusts up to 30 miles an hour). Temperature was well over 100 degrees.
I DJ a 5 hour reception at a resturant in 95 degree temperature with no problems what so ever.

My hottest was 106 outdoor wedding and reception. No cover, I sweated like a pig but my Bose never broke a sweat )