Surround speakers mounting issue

Just purchased the surround speakers and there is no hole to mount them to the stand. There is an circle indent am I supposed to drill a hole there. I’ve searched every for the answer with no luck and am surprised Bose doesn’t include a little more instructions for their products.

No, Don't drill into the speakers.


Are you using the Bose wall/floor brackets? If so are they the series 2 brackets.  Series 2 stands feature the adapter plate that screws onto the stand, and the speakers slide onto the plate.  You'll see four vertial slots on the speaker and that's where the plate slides into.

Thanks for the reply. I finally figured out you need the brackets for the stand to screw into. My stands are from 2006, but they are identical to the ones made currently except they didn’t come with those brackets since the old speakers you screwed directly into.