Sweepable Parametrics in Professional Installed

I had a couple of request for sweepable parametric frequency. I make your life a lot easier when trying to locate a feedback or a ring in a room


Is this something you see being implemented on a CC64 or for use within the software?

Seems like it would take a lot of space on a CC64, even if you only had a frequency and cut/boost knob (fixing the Q and type of filter). I would think you would want at least 2 of these filters for any real stage setup (if not more), so already that is a whole bank taken up. But certainly an interesting idea to be able to assign certain parameters of a PEQ to regular knobs on a CC64 (instead of the all or nothing approach in the current custom menu).

If in software- I find that just clicking in the frequency section and use the keyboard arrows to sweep up and down works better than the GUI arrows. Pretty fast and a steady sweep rather than the variable time sweep with the GUI arrows.

(disclaimer- obviously I’m not in BaseOps, but was curious how you see this being implemented if they could make it happen)