System Examples using CobraNet® with Bose® ControlSpace® and PowerMatch™

System examples using CobraNet® networking with Bose® ControlSpace® and PowerMatch™ products.
CobraNet network audio expansion cards are available for both the ESP-00/88 engineered sound processors and the PowerMatch™ PM8500/N configurable professional power amplifiers. The cards use industry-proven CobraNet technology to transport multiple channels of high quality, uncompressed digital audio in real time across a standard Ethernet network. This is particularly useful when passing audio between ControlSpace and PowerMatch products in different parts of a large building or complex. It also works well to interlink multiple devices within an equipment rack to reduce analog cabling and connections…

The ESP CobraNet I/O expansion card is supported in ControlSpace Designer software version 2.3b1 or later and the PowerMatch CobraNet card is supported in version 3.1 or later.

This document is intended to be read alongside the Using CobraNet networking with Bose ControlSpace and PowerMatch products Tech Note and includes a number of system examples that illustrate how to configure the products for different applications:

System Examples:

1. Bi-directional link from one ESP to another
2. Primary ESP sending to multiple secondary ESPs
3. ESP sends one Bundle to multiple PowerMatch amplifiers
4. ESP sends multiple Bundles to PowerMatch amplifiers
5. Using the PowerMatch amplifier audio monitor bus

System examples using CobraNet networking with ControlSpace and PowerMatch products (PDF Version)