T1 Phantom Power Question

Last night, I had some weak sound with my L1 Model II. It was if my 8 cylinders had been reduced to 4.

At the end of the night, I noticed the phantom power red light indicator was turned on the T1.

Could this cause sound degradation?


Hi Dance Host,

No. The setting of the Phantom Power button does not affect the sound of your L1® System. The Phantom Power setting has no bearing on the operation of your system except to provide power required for condenser microphones***.

If you find that the L1 seems not to be operating as expected, listen to the sections of the Cylindrical Radiator and make sure that both are operating. If either the top or the bottom is silent, power down, take the Cylindrical Radiator® sections out, Put them back together and fire it up again.

*** and a very few dynamic microphones like the Heil FIN and some devices. more information