T1® settings for Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 and Sennheiser 815s

Hi there all, I’d really appreciate some help. I have just purchased an L1 model 2 and need some basic advice. I’m a solo performer - pub sing-along-stuff, mixed etc. I play an Australian electro - acoustic guitar called a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 with a bridge pick-up as well as a ‘brace-face’ pick-up, a Sennheiser e815s mic, a digitech vocal harmonizer 2. Where would be a good starting point for setting up the Tone-match unit? Thanks ever so much for your time.

Aussie Pat.

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It’s, always a good idea to select a preset for the mic or instrument in question, adjust gain per instructions, and leave zEQ flat to begin with.

In your case I don’t think there is a preset labled for your guitar or mic, however I’m quite sure that one that is included will work for you, you just have to figure out which one.

So now is a good time to get acquainted with your T1. Start with a preset for whatever Sennheiser mics may be listed.

For the guitar, I and many others get good results from the Taylor presets. There is a good variety to try.

I would go through the presets, listening and singing, with all EQ flat. This is your best opportunity to select the preset that is closest to what you desire to hear. Once you find something you like, tweak the eq to fine tune to your exact taste.

The VL2 will add a bit of complexity to the setup, you could leave that off for a dry round of rehearsal, or include it in your first run. Either way, I think it’s important to hear the L1 system without effects for a while, to adjust to the clarity you might not have been hearing with a previous system.

If you have specific questions please, don’t hesitate to ask.


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Aussie Pat,
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new L1! I’ve been using my T1 with my L1 Compact lately and getting great results using the Steel String w/Piezo preset with my Cole Clarks.

Give that one a try through your Model 2 and see what you think.


Great Matt, thank you I will try it out. I was worried I was going to be the only one here using this little known but excellent guitar. Cheers mate.


Thank you ‘O’ I really appreciate your effort and advice. I will let you know soon how I go.

Aussie Pat.

My favorite (I can spell “favourite” too!) presets are the downloadable LR Baggs ones. I have an old Yamaha acoustic with a Baggs M1 active, so of course I use the M1 presets. But also my Yamaha AEX500 (old cheapo hybrid, had it over 12 years now, I think) sounds amazing with the Baggs Elelement
setting. For your dual pickup setup, I suggest testing the Imix preset.

At first, I was VERY impressed with the Taylor T5 preset, but I think it adds too much bass now…this is just for my guitar, of course… I have never had the opportunity to test a T5 through my L1MII.

Hi There,

I've just bought a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 (thought I'd support a locally made product). It sounded great in store through their PA set to flat.

I'm about to do some testing of my own with the T1 - starting with the Taylor presets and the Steel String w/piezo Preset as per the recommendations above. If I find anything interesting I'll let you know.

I'm in the exact same boat as you, Aussie Pat.  Just bought a Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 and I have the L1, model II, so if anything works for you, I'd appreciate hearing what you think.  It's a great guitar!

Did you happen to find a good setting for your CC in the L1Model2? I just bought a fat lady 2 and can’t seem to get the best sound for it. Looking for advice. I pick and strum using pick and bare fingers. Thank you!!