T1 Tonematch control knobs needed

Hi there,
I recently lost 3(!) channel volume control knobs from my T1 Tonematch Module (another band member dropped it! - still works fine thank god) while packing away and it wasn't until a week later, when I unpacked it, that I realised that the knobs were missing. I can still operate it but it's fiddly, doesn't look great and I'm mainly afraid that the plastic shafts will eventually get broken without the knob offering it some kind of protection.
 Now I have already spoken through live chat to a member of the Bose team (they were very helpful) but they could not find the replacement part in their parts listings. He said they had the larger Master/Tonematch selector knobs but the smaller volume knobs he could not find listed. I've since been scouring the internet for something similar to these control knobs and I can't find anything even close to fitting (I wasn't even bothered about them looking different in the end - just needed to fit!).
 I don't know if the Bose guy I spoke to was looking in the right section or not but I can't believe that I can't get these replacement parts from you or anywhere else - please help! I am in the UK by the way.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Kris,

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I'm sorry you're having trouble getting the channel volume knobs for the T1.

The part you're looking for is

T1 Channel Volume knobs - part number 298737

You can order them from Bose Support UK at the number below.

UK 44 1634 224 288 technical_support_uk@bose.com Mon - Fri: 09:00-18:30,
Sat 09:00-17:00 GMT 

Please let us know how that goes.

Thank you.


Edit - Corrected description and part number (highlighted above).

Hi ST,

Are you also able to supply the smaller knobs? Mine have become sticky ans starting to get stuck. I have never spilt any liquid whatsoever, they have just gotten worse over the years.


Hi DinosaurSnr,

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Please contact Bose Australia. They should be able to order them for you.


Unit 3/2 Holker Street
Newington NSW Australia

Bose Pty Limited
Tel: 61 2 8737 9999
Fax: 61 2 8737 9922


Hi Kris,

Please note the correction to the description and part number in my post above.


Thank you everybody for your replies.
 Shortly after posting this I managed to order some over the phone. I think some confusion came up because the new model (T4S) has superseded the T1 and that's maybe why they couldn't find the part I was looking for as all the part numbers may be different now. As far as I can see, the volume control knobs are exactly the same on the T4S as on the T1 so I've ordered some of those - I'll let you know if they fit ok!

Hi all,
An update on my quest for these volume knobs; they've sent me the wrong ones!!
After going over and over on live web chat and on the phone, specifically saying they are the 4 small volume control knobs that run along the bottom they've sent me the several of the master volume/Tonematch selector knobs! Nothing against the people that I was in contact with, they were being as helpful as they could but....it's just a little frustrating that's all!

Is there anyone here that can help me get the right ones and get these returned? I see another part number is posted above:

T1 Editing knobs - part number 298737

Are these the right ones? Just asking because the Editing knobs are, again, different to the channel volume knobs on the module. 


Hi Kris,

I have updated/corrected the description above. This is the description and part number for the Channel Volume knobs.

T1 Channel Volume knobs - part number 298737

The part number was correct as per my update on 9/26/18

You'll need to speak to the people at Bose Australia who sent you the other knobs to set up the return and get the correct ones.

Sorry for the confusion.


Thanks for the quick response and thanks for the clarification on that part number. I've just spoken on web chat to them and they are sending out the correct (hopefully!) knobs free of charge which is great.
Thanks again!

Hi Kris,

Thanks for coming back to tell us how you're doing.

Hope it all ends well.


I've received the correct knobs now and they do fit but are too loose on the spindle to stay put so I've had to DIY it a bit with a tiny bit of Blutack in each one so they stay on! The knobs are for the TS4/8 and I've got the T1 (the model that those models have superseded; I was told that the knobs for the T1 are no longer available) so I was fully aware that they may not be a perfect fit. Works fine though.
Just thought I'd give you all this info so any other T1 users are aware.

I have the same issue. I lost the T1 channel volume  volume knob. Where can I purchase a new one in the US? 

Thank you very much. 



Hi Berto162 and welcome to the Pro-Portable Community!


For replacement parts like the volume control knob you mentioned, you can contact Bose Support and place an order. To find the right support contact for your region see this link - https://global.bose.com/en_us/support_sites.html


Hope this helps!