T1 Tonematch power supply fault

Hi all

I’ve had issues with my bose before and got sent a power pack about a year ago. Been working fine and last gigged last Sunday. Yesterday I went to set up but it just didn’t power. It tried. The screen flashes and there is a power noise pop repeating. Check out here for a quick demo. https://youtu.be/jNr89xtLeMU

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Jaimie,

I’m sorry that you are having trouble with your T1 Power Supply. Did you know that you can connect the T1 directly to the Model II Power Stand? There is a cable that is included in the bottom of the box of the T1®.

This supplies both Power to the T1 and a digital connection from the T1 to the Model II Power Stand.

Please follow this link to see pictures.

T1® Quick Setup Guide

Does that get you back in business? If not then the issue is likely with the T1® and not the T1 Power Supply.

Either way, you’ll probably want to talk to Bose about getting a replacement for the T1 Power Supply.


Hi Jamie,

I just looked back at your previous posts and see that you have a history of issues with this. You can try using the ToneMatch cable directly from the T1 to the Model II Power Stand for troubleshooting and diagnostics. But it looks like you’ll be speaking to Bose again. From your previous posts, it appears that you have contact information for them in the UK.



Yes fully aware of the standard Tonematch cable from the base unit to the back of the T1 and luckily I had this to get me through my performance. The reason I use the power pack and then a cable from the output on the stand to the master input on the T1 is to prevent it cutting it out again like it did when I previously contacted the forum, which Bose advised me to do. When I play without the power it’s just not enough oomph and I’m fearful of a cut out. Can’t afford a wedding to suffer with the entertainment being on/off.

So do you or anyone else have any idea what is stopping the power supply from turning on. Tonematch works perfectly well with the cable in from the stand.

Hi Jamie,

I can’t know what is wrong with the T1 Power Supply. I suppose it could be a damaged wire in the cable or the connector or some failure inside the power supply itself.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful here.