T1 tonematch

NEED REAL HELP. Will the T1 tonematch make the compact sound a lot better or am i needing to upgrade to L1 model S1 to get most out of it. Also has anyone used the T1 Tonematch with the JBL Eon one

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Rich posted:

Will the Compact Tonematch work with the L1 model 11 systems.  I know we would need to buy a cable.

Yes, the T1 will work with the L1 Model II. It was engineered to be the companion mixer for the L1 Model II.

Please note: The T1 shipped with at ToneMatch cable in the bottom of the box. It looks like this.

If you have a T1, you may already have the appropriate cable. Check the bottom of the box.

You can also use a network cable (e.g., CAT-5, CAT-6, or CAT-7). Just be careful of the ends because it's easy to snap off the locking tabs.

Does that help?