T4S 1/4" Outputs L&R and 1&2 extremely NOISY

My tonematch t4s mixer is on v1.1.4.


My set up:


electric guitar > input 1 of t4s

synthesizer keyboard > input 2 


NOW, I want to go T4S 1/4 output R (mono) into my pedalboard (guitar effect pedals). This way, I can have both of my instruments go thru the pedalboard for effect processing. From my pedalboard, I go out into Pro 8. However, I get alot of noise, sounds like a waterfall of noise, when I go out from T4 from any of the four 1/4'' outputs on the back. I do NOT get this noise when skipping the mixer and plugging guitar direct into pedalboard and into Pro 8. It is the same whether I use a TS-TS or TRS-TRS cable.


The noise is NOT tolerable for recording purposes. I spent $700 on this mixer and am now having to look for another option. Is my unit defected?