T4S and Pro 16

When connecting T4S to Pro16, is the master volume knob on the T4S the only control for volume for the Pro16?


Meaning, if I mess with the Input knobs on the base of the Pro16, that won’t affect the overall volume, bass, treble etc from the T4S via the ToneMatch port?


if so, how to you properly add instruments in inputs 1,2 or 3 and match the proper volume to what the mixer is sending via the ToneMatch port?



From my understanding, the inputs on the pro16 will be separate from the T4. So the T4 will control anything plugged into the inputs on the T4 only. Not any of the inputs on the pro16


So volume controls on pro16 won't affect the t4 and t4 volume controls won't affect any controls on the pro16


This is assuming you are plugging the t4 into the tone match port. 


And channels 1,2, and 3 on the pro16 will be additional available  inputs with separate controls. 


Same goes for the pro8 and pro32. 


That's pretty nice 

Just to be clear (and if a Bose Tech would care to answer as well), the T4S overrides the built-in mixer on the Pro8 and Pro16, with the exception of the bluetooth on Ch3? 


From what Scott wrote, it also seems that (if the T4S is plugging into the Pro Tonematch port), you essentially would have 4 inputs on the T4S as well as Chs 1, 2, and 3 on the Pro8/16 additionally?


Thank you all for bringing up the subject and answering. I have the T4S and Pro8 and I'm thinking this is how it works based on what I'm hearing but want to make sure.


Cheers, and thanks again!  Steve Reeb

Hey Sreeb,

Welcome to the forum! 

That's right - if you're connected to one of the L1 Pro systems with the T4S, this will expand the number of inputs available. You'll still be able to use the L1 Pro system's built-in inputs in addition.