T4S MIXER with sE Electronics Dynamic Super Vocal Mic


I have used my mic hooked directly to the L1Pro32 using bluetooth music streamed through my Iphone and the sound with reverb is beautiful! When I hook the microphone to the T4S Mixer that is then hooked to my L1Pro32 it is very bland. I can't get the reverb to work. Does someone have some simple steps for my microphone set up please? I'm not adding any additional mics or instruments at this point. Any basic videos for using the T4S mixer? My guess is I'm not setting this up properly. Thanks in advance... 



Hello again keri5374,


There's a great resource at The Bose Professional Portable PA Encyclopedia.


There is a section dedicated to the T4s/T8s mixers at this link.


Make sure your T4s has been updated to the latest firmware as discussed in an earlier thread.


Make sure you have properly "gain staged" your mic channel.  You can find info on this in Section 4 - Gain Staging.  There's a nice step-by-step video there.  Gain staging is simply setting the amount of sound coming into the mixer from your mic.  Without a robust signal, things can sound thin; too much signal and you'll get clipping (distortion.)  The speaker uses a T8s and L1 Model II, but everything he shows works the same with a T4s and L1 Pro (except you'll be using the ToneMatch cable instead of the separate power supply and XLR cable output as shown in the video.)


To set your reverb, skip down to Section 21 - Adding Reverb.  You'll need to set the amount of reverb for each mic channel ("wet" = more reverb, "dry" = less reverb) but you also need to choose a "global reverb" type.  Try the different settings to see which one(s) you like best.  Personally, I prefer using just a little bit of reverb, as the L1 systems are great at "exciting" a room's acoustics.  Too much reverb muddies up the intelligibility of words.  You can use the "FX Mute" button to turn all effects on and off so you can gauge their overall effect on your sound, and is wise to if you speak with the crowd between songs.


Sorry if I'm referring to a lot of terms and techniques you may already know.  I probably end up answering more than you need, but when I was new to Bose I learned a lot from forum answers that were provided to others!


Does that help?

That was a fantastic explanation! Thank you very much! I'll sit myself down and go through the information you provided in detail. I'm new but it's a lot of fun when people are being so helpful!