T4S power cutting out on L1 Model II

I'm a longtime user of a Bose L1 Model II with the original T1 Tonematch mixer.   I've used this rig at hundreds of gigs, indoors and outdoors, in hot and cold environments without ever having an issue with either the power stand or the mixer.    I'm adding more musicians to my duo, so bought a new L1 Model II with the T4S Tonesmatch mixer to expand the sound.   Prior to the first gig, I got all the presets entered into the T4S and tried out the new system.    It was a noticeable improvement in the clarity of sound with the new mixer and everything fired up and was good to go.   About 3 songs into my first set (4th of July block party), the power cut out completely at the T4S and luckily I had my old T1 which allowed me to complete the show.   The next morning the T4S fired up and was working again.   It's like it tripped a breaker and eventually reset itself.  


The problem was clearly the T4S as the power stand and speakers performed fine.   I returned the unit as defective and Sweetwater sent out a replacement.   The next gig I got halfway into the first song and the replacement T4S cut out completely - same thing.   I finished the show with my old T1 which performed without a hitch.   The next morning, the T4S powered back up and worked fine.  What gives here?   I have a hard time believing both units were defective, but the rest of the chain: connecting cable, power stand and speakers all work fine with my old mixer.    I talked to support at Bose and they recommended updating the firmware to see if that solves the problem.   I'll try this before the next gig, but have a hard time believing it will solve the problem.   Why would Bose make a piece of performance gear that cuts out in the middle of a performance if you don't upgrade your firmware?   Doesn't seem right.    I have zero faith in this unit as it's ruined two gigs for me by failing in the middle of my performance.    I've never had any trouble with my Bose gear and have been using these systems since the original L1 Model 1 came out.   I'm considering returning the new ToneMatch and going with a conventional mixer if I can't keep the T4S from cutting out.   Any idea what might be going on here?    Thanks! 

Hi docscott and welcome to the Bose Pro-Portable Community!


While we do recommend that your ToneMatch Mixer is running the latest firmware, I do agree that it may not be the solution to your reported issue. Still, it is worthwhile performing the update to be certain.


Another hunch I have, is your T4S being powered by the L1 Model II Powerstand? If you are drawing power from the powerstand, it may be possible (depending on your setup) that the mixer is not receiving enough power to facilitate all of the processing during certain peaks of your performance.


If, as I mentioned above, you are powering the Mixer with the Powerstand, I recommend that you contact Bose to obtain the ToneMatch Mixer Power Supply. If this isn't the case and to help us troubleshoot this issue further, can you please describe or upload photos of the full setup you have?


Let me know if this helps.


I am using the same setup with my new system that I've used for years with my older L1 Model II and ToneMatch 1.    I always power my mixer with the digital connection to the stand and I use the anolog input on the stand for my backtracks (from an i-Pod mixer).   I plug my Sure Beta 58 into channel 1, my Breedlove acoustic with Piezo pickup into channel 2, my Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass into channel 3 and my Taylor T5 into channel 4.    I mostly use two channels at a time, most often mic and acoustic guitar with the other channels muted.    The failures with the T4S have been while running this way with the backtrack connected via analog cable directly to the stand.     In both instances where the T4S failed me, I was able to plug my T1 in with identical settings in to finish the show with no problems (as always).    I do have the ToneMatch power supply and could try that, but isn't this made to run off the digital cable connection?  When using the power supply, should I connect the digital cable to the main out on the mixer to connect to the digital input on the stand?   I was hoping to use this mixer for DJ'ing with both of my L1 Model II systems using the digital connection outputs to run stereo with one as the right channel and one as the left.   If I have to run the mixer with the power adapter, I'd have to use the anolog outs instead.   I also don't understand why my T1 always runs fine, but the T4s does not.   Does the T4s require more power than the T1?    


Another thing of note:  At the last gig when the mixer failed me on my first song right out of the gate, I hooked up my ToneMatch power supply and the unit still would not power up.   When it failed, the lights and screen went out and wouldn't power back up.    The only option was to swap it out for my trusty T1.    The next morning the T4s mixer powered back up like nothing happened. 


I just performed the firmware update, so tomorrow I'll hook everything up and simulate show conditions to see if the failure repeats.  If it does, next I'll try the power adapter to see if that solves it.    I'm just disappointed as I've never had a failure with my old system after many years and hundreds of gigs and expected the same with the new one.   Now that I've tried two T4s mixers and each one failed me at performances the first time out, I've lost faith in my new gear.   I've got to restore my confidence before the next show, or I'll have to start looking for an alternative system.    I'll keep you posted on tomorrow's trials. 

I tracked the problem to a bad bass speaker cable that had one of the leads rusted through.   I replaced it with a new cable and the ToneMatch has not cut out since.     I guess it was a protection circuit in the ToneMatch to prevent the short in the line from damaging it?    Anyway, my confidence is restored now that I've played two gigs with no further episodes since changing the defective cable.   


FYI - my ToneMatch is running fine connected directly to the stand without the need for the plug in adapter.  


I had a similar issue with a brand new L 1 model ll and T4S mixer loosing power. Sweetwater sent me a replacement mixer that had the same issue with power loss, when plugged into the power stand.    I spoke with tech support at Bose and despite all their literature that states that the mixer could go directly into the power stand, I was told that I had to use the tone match power supply to an outlet, rather than plug in into the power stand. Sweetwater tested the original mixer that I sent back using the power supply and it powered up w/out incident. They did not have an L1 to try at this time so that issue is unresolved.  I am waiting for the Tone match power supply cable and will try again. Interesting that Bose phone support  states that the power supply cable to an outlet must be used, while   all Bose product literature states that the T4S can go directly to the power stand. 

I had this issue 2 nights ago. very frustrating. I hooked it all up the next day it all was good. Did you mention that you replaced the bass cable? from the L1 to the Bose Bass speaker? I was using the L1 as my power source.
I was using all 4 inputs
1 wireless mic for sax
2 guitar amp mic
3 vocal
4 vocal
all the inputs cut out at different times.

I see the your post is a few years old so perhaps you might have more info. Thanks