T4s with app

Hi all. I just bought the L1 pro16. I’m just wondering if I get the T4 mixer. Will I still be able to any adjustment with the app on my phone??? 




Hello PhamL1,


Congratulations on your new L1 Pro 16.


The Bose L1 Mix App only works with the L1 Pro 8, 16, and 32 systems.  The T4s was designed a few years ago and does not incorporate any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi remote control.


Speaking for myself:  While the integrated mixer in the L1 Pro 16 is convenient for a performer within easy reach of the base, some performers (perhaps someone switching multiple instruments) might be positioned farther away.  In this case, having a T4s (or T8s) near you to make adjustments on the fly makes a lot of sense.  After all, the ToneMatch cable can give you lots of distance for elbow room!


Does that help?