T8s mixer in Portable PA

want to know in the t8s (on tonematch) where do i find the bose presets for the mics around the drummer. i found the overhead and the kick. im looking for the preset for the  snear mic and others. Thanks

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NOT A REPLY! Sorry. Just trying to get a response to a trouble shooting issue. Perhaps I am not posting this correctly.

Hi jmorgan!

Sorry you're having this problem. It does sound like the output from the Taylor with ES2 pickup may be going in too hot.

Does the input signal LED on the T8S flash red to indicate clipping?


Does the distortion still occur when the guitar is tried in different inputs on the T8S? And has any processing been applied to the channel used for the Taylor?

I am using no processing with the Taylor. I was using a Yamaha Mixer prior. Actually, the only change I made was going to the Bose mixer. I did try direct to the Bose S1 Pro and seemed fine. The Mic is dead silent thru the Bose Mixer and the Ovation sounds good also. I Did try a DI (T C Helicon PLay Acoustic) for the Taylor but there was no change. I also had a direct Box (from Rolls) with a ground lift and Odb, 20db and 40 db switch. That helped but then I can’t get any volume. I did try other channels and the Aux circuits with the same issue. 

I will say that I really like this mixer and have no desire to return it. I may try to have a tech look at the instrument to make sure that it is not causing the difficulty. The Taylor people told me the Bose should work fine with the instrument, and it seems fine when going direct to the S1. I am willing to add a box of some sort if needed. 


still lost.

Responding to an email asking if I got the answer I needed. I did get 3 questions in response, but have not received any solutions.  While I am not on this site much, I can see that things have changed. Might I assume that the new system allows anyone registered to pose a question? Is there a different level whee one can get any answers?  MIght be the pandemic, might be too busy......whatever it is, I have no solutions. The few times that I have posted here in the past brought suggestions and answers. My response to the email asking if I got the answers i needed is NO. The last issue I had (headphones) was dealt with right away. Bose told me there should be no difficulties and insisted on replacing the product immediately. Now I get no answers. 

   Bose seems to be a fine product (I have had 10 different items that I recall) but the support may have gotten limited. Too bad. The support is what keeps me loyal to a brand. 

   I will spend some time this weekend attempting to figure out what is causing the noise. If I cannot.....i can return it to the store. 

Hey jmorganj1


I am so sorry to hear that you have not yet found the resolution that you are looking for. It seems as though the issue that you are reporting is unique to your setup, as there really should not be any problems with your levels that are not solvable by making some adjustments on the mixer (Trim/gain)


Along with what Dylan previously suggested, have you tried replacing all input cables and/or checking the independent instrument levels if applicable? 


If the issue persists I would suggest you contact our Customer Support team.




Hope this helps!



Yes< Think I changed everything more than twice....And I have narrowed it down (I think) to the Taylor guitar. Both my Mic (have a couple) and the Ovation guitar are now dead silent when plugged in to the mixer. Really looked the mixer.

I think the issue has been a lack of prompt response. I was used to a bit more is all.

Hi jmorganj1,

Another thought - does your Taylor guitar with ES2 have a built-in EQ?

If it does, make sure you're attenuating frequency bands instead of boosting them to avoid distortion.

I run my T8S through a Bose L2 system and it sounds amazing.  Your L1 would be a good choice.

Hello again Liljequist,


The T8s is a great mixer, although it sounds like the T4s might have been just as good for you -- it depends on how many inputs you might ever use.  If it's only ever going to be you with a mic and 2 guitars, the T4s would suffice.  However, if you add anything else (like a second singer with another guitar, porchboard bass, backing tracks, etc.) you'll be able to accommodate them with the T8s.


Now, for connections:


If you're using the L1 Compact by itself, I would run your inputs to the T8s, pan them all right to run mono, and run a 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS cable from the T8s 1/4" "R" Main out to channel 2 on the Compact.  Adjust all your T8s settings to your musical taste, and save that as a scene on the T8s.  Maybe call it "One Compact Mono".


If you want to use the Rockwell RPM109 as an amplifier to drive your passive PA speakers, you can run either mono or stereo.

  • To run mono to the RPM109, just run the same 1/4" TRS cable you ran to the Compact to one of the channels on RPM109.  Leave the RPM109's channel settings flat, and adjust your EQ and effects on the T8s (since the PA speakers will sound different than your Compact.)  Once satisfied with the sound, save this as a new, different scene, maybe "RPM109 Mono".
  • To run stereo (although that's usually not as important for a solo performer as it might be for a DJ) run two 1/4" TRS to 1/4"TRS cables from the T8s 1/4" R & L Main outs to the AUX IN jacks on the RPM109.  You'll use the AUX IN dial to adjust the amount of signal coming into the RPM109.  Adjust your T8s settings (or recall your "One Compact Mono" scene) but pan your channels left, center or right, depending on whether (or how much) you want any stereo separation of singers, instruments, tracks, etc.  Make any further changes and save this as a new, different scene, maybe "RPM109 Stereo".


If you end up getting a second L1 Compact, follow these same techniques, use both R & L 1/4" main outs, save a "Two Compact Stereo" scene.  If you get conventional powered speakers, bypassing the RPM109, follow the same techniques.


If you want to run the Compact and the RPM109 together for more side-to-side  or remote area coverage, I recommend running mono by panning all your inputs center.  Then run one 1/4" TRS cable from the T8s right Main out to the Compact, and one 1/4" TRS cable from the T8s left Main out to the Line input on a channel on the RPM109.  Adjust your settings to taste using the Compact.  If the speakers attached to the RPM109 need adjustment, do those changes on the RPM109's control panel.


You have lots of options that can cover nearly any scenario you want.  I've tried to highlight your main options, and hope I haven't confused you with too much information.  I realize I do get kind of wordy, but I try to offer complete explanations. 😄  Just try each scenario one at a time while you become familiar with the T8s.  I think you'll find it to be a very powerful mixer!


Does that help?

Good to hear thank you