T8S with iPad Pro

I use 2 L1 Pro 16’s and a T8S. For tracks an iPad utilizing the lightning to 3.5 mm adapter to connect to the mixer with no issues. Today I switched to a new iPad Pro that has a USB-C connector to 3.5 mm adapter and have developed a “pop” every few seconds. I tried another adapter and another mic cable both one at a time, the “pop” is still present. All new adapters and cables. Has anyone experienced this issue? Could this be a small surge emanating from the iPad Pro? Any thoughtful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hello TitansOXD, 


This is definitely an odd one for sure. Have you tried going back to the original iPad since? It sounds like this may be an issue specifically with the iPad Pro, but I definitely think it's worth confirming exactly which device is reproducing the fault as we have already ruled out cable/adapter issues. 


Hope this helps!

Hello TitansOXD,


Have you tried connecting the iPad Pro directly to the T8S using a USB-C to USB-B cable?

USB C to USB B.jpg


Just make sure you have the latest firmware updates on the T8S. This allows you to send the left and right USB signals to channels 7 & 8 so you can take advantage of the T8S presets, pan them left and right, and control the left and right signals individually.


Instructions for checking the firmware and routing the USB signal are described in the Bose Professional Portable PA Encyclopedia at these links:

T4S/T8S Firmware Updates 

T4S/T8S USB_B_from_PC 


Personally, I avoid using 3.5mm (1/8") connectors if possible.  I know it's been used for years on tons of equipment, but I've had more problems (pops & crackles, getting loose or falling out, corrosion, breaking off, etc.) with that type of connector than any other!  I treat all my equipment with respect, but I must have plain old bad luck when using those connections.


Does that help?