Taylor 310 problems

Taylor 310 CE guitar is what I’ve been playing recently through my model 2 L1. It’s making a lot of electric snap crackle pop sounds, when I strum or touch my lips to the mic. Is anyone else having this problem??


Hi, Ajellsay.

If your guitar has one of the older ES (Expression System) in it, they are known to have problems … and those problems tend to show up in certain amps and in the presence of lighting dimmers. Please see this thread about Hum/buzz; it contains a lot of discussion and links to other Internet references on the issue. The bottom line seems to be that Taylor acknowledged the problem and the solution is a replacement of those older ES electronics. See also this on the ES. Also, low battery (especially for the AA type) can lead to such issues.

If you don’t have an ES in your guitar, some parts of those discussions may still be helpful.

Agreed. My LC10 used AA batteries and crackled. I tried to have it fixed but no luck. Now I use an Anthem in it.


Jimmy’s Taylors (810-LTD and 910CE-L7) have suffered intermittent crackling sounds - we’ve had the electrics swapped out for newer versions of the Expression System, and still the problem returns on occasion.

What type of cable are you using to connect the guitar to the T1?

The reason we ask is that we only ever experience the problem when playing through some house systems where we have to use a standard instrument cable (1/4 inch mono jack plug at each end). When we use our own balanced cable there is no problem.

Not sure where you’re based, but here in the UK we buy all our instrument and mic cables from Award Session

In the Instrument Cables section, scroll down to the BALANCED-STEREO SIGNAL CABLES sub-section - the cables we use for our guitars are the Angled TRS Jack to Male XLR (see pic below).

Thanks for all of your replys. Dan, thanks for hunting down & posting some relevant threads, I appreciate it. The Taylor I have was bought new this summer. It’s the 9v version, with the microboard & pickup switch inside the soundhole. Although, to my ears, turning the switch off or on doesn’t seem to make a lick of difference.

battery power - check

jivauk, nice cables! I am going to look into that some more.

I feel somewhat burned by Taylor & the music store for not being more upfront about what I was getting into. Unplugged, this guitar has beautiful resonance but the expression system has been a nightmare. Everything from batteries not fitting (unless its duracell) to eating those 7 dollar batteries in a 2 weeks, under moderate playing conditions. And experiencing a waving compression/limiting on my last amp, to the crackle sounds, constant hum, feedback, and generally thin sounding amplified tone.

End of Rant.


Hello, fellow guitar players!
This is my first written lines in this forum, though I’ve been a frequent reader for some years. Scary moment indeed!

I’ve had some troubles with dimmers and airborne hum (especially those carbon coiled cosy bulbs in some restaurants) on my Taylor with an ES-system.
All was due to a blown micro fuse behind the battery in the guitar. It grounds the strings to earth, and without it the single coil in the fretboard acts like an antenna! I replaced the fuse, and the guitar now sounds wonderful!
These fuses are available from Taylor Store, or your local dealer may find them. Also, they don’t drain your wallet Smile
I hope that helps (and nothing else is wrong with your instrument)…

Hi Bifuel,

Thank you for coming out of the shadows. No need for this to be a scary moment. By now you know, this is a pretty accomodating and friendly place.

Thank you too for this great information.

Can you tell us what year your ES system is?

Do you have a link to information about that micro fuse?

I’d like to add this information the the wiki article about Line Noise so any details you can give me would be a big help.

Thank you

Thanks a lot for this warm welcome Smile)

My Taylor is a 426 ltd with the 9V 2 body sensor system. I think it is a 2007 or 2008 guitar (can’t check it right now…).

Here is one link from loads of Taylor fuse questions:

And Taylor’s own sales:

Hope it helps?!

Hi Bifuel,

Thanks for the links. I’ll figure out a way to add this to the wiki.

I’m sure that this will be helpful to Taylor owners.

I am not an L1 owner, but I had problems with a brand new 814CE (2010 model) in that it would just cut out at times when connected to an amp. I took it to an authorized repair center and the problem was that one of the pins in the connector to the pickup was not seated properly in the connector. The tech just pushed the pin back in the connector and it has been fine ever since.

I just got a steal on a used Taylor T5 (2008 model), but when I got it home it made intermittent loud popping sounds, especially when strumming with any enthusiasm. Very annoying. I opened the back to check the connectors to the pickups and preamp. I noticed that one of the pins on the battery connector was not seated in its plug, causing it to be lose. (the wire practically fell out of the connector as I was disconnecting it) When I seated the pin in the connector plug, no more popping noises.

I have a Taylor 310ce and is having similar situations. Mine causes amp hum but its the guitar pickup. Someone mentioned there could be a small fuse near the output jack that needs replaced. Does anyone know if there is a fuse like this in the 310ce.