The Gift in Portable PA

Ken Jacob was featured in a recent podcast that I think you'd all enjoy.  For those of you new to the forum, Ken was the head of the group who made the first L1.

Thanks Tom!

For anyone wanting to know more: The first 50 years of Bose

Thanks for this link Tom.

I found it to be really interesting and informative.


Bose sponsors this podcast often, and several engineers have appeared on it. I subscribe to it and have learned a lot from almost every episode. I recommend it highly. 

I work for an AV company and the gear they work with is quality equipment but a simple L1 has revolutionized the possibilities for small time musicians like myself that can get access to line array capabilities

I can't play anything on my HomeSpeaker 500. The app begins then the complete smartphone freezes page. I have to do a smooth reset of the cellphone to make it work again.