Tonematch Aux Output 1/4 to XLR for Videographer

The Aux Output on the T4s is Mono but wondering what happens if I use a 1/4 TRS (balanced) to XLR Male cable that connects to a digital recording device with an XLR input.  I assume the input has to be MONO, not stereo or that won't work, right?


I am DJing and trying to find a  few solutions for videographers to hook up into using the Aux Output on the T4s.


If I am understanding correctly, I cannot connect a stereo cable from the AUX Output as it's mono out but, I'm wondering if you can use a cable that is only stereo on the side of the connected device I am plugging into, or is that essentially the same thing b/c no part of it can be stereo (either end)?


For example, can I connect a cable that has Mono on one side (where it connects to the 1/4 Tonematch) and stereo on the part where it hooks into another device like a wireless bodypack?


The video guy had this cable last time but had issues and I am assuming it's bc the 1/8 part that goes into the wireless bodypack is stereo?


Hello jaswrx,


The cable you described in the first paragraph (1/4 TRS balanced to XLR Male) should work fine. (I know there are always exceptions, but pro equipment designed for audio interfaces should adhere to standards, and the standard XLR input is mono.)  The only issue you might face is balancing the T4S output level with the camera's input level.  The T4S outputs are "line level", i.e, hotter outputs.  If the camera equipment is expecting "mic level" signals, you'll might have to turn either the T4S AUX OUT or the camera input (or both) way down to avoid overdriving the camera's input.  Some pro camera equipment I looked at lets you set the inputs to either mic level or line level.  (I keep some inline XLR attenuators handy to "pad" hot signals down "just in case."  You can get them in various dB levels -- Switchcraft has one with switchable levels.)


As far as the bodypack with the 1/8" input -- "it depends."  I'm just speculating here:  I looked at the manual for a Sennheiser 100 G3 bodypack.  It shows that the 1/8" TRS input is neither stereo L/R or balanced /-.  They use the Tip for a mic-level signal cable, with the Ring connected to Sleeve.  For a line-level signal cable they use Ring, with Tip connected to Sleeve.  The bodypack accepts signals from either Tip or Ring and expects Tip to be mic level and Ring to be line level.  So, it seems like a custom cable would be needed -- then again it seems like the Sennheiser instrument cable you linked to should be describing the second cable.  Maybe using a balanced-to-unbalanced converter like the Behringer MicroHD HD400 between the T4S and bodypack would help?  I don't know.  The Sennheiser bodypack has adjustments to lower the sensitivity; perhaps the signal from your T4S was too hot and distorting?  It all depends on the particular Sennheiser system the videographer was using.  Sorry I can't offer a definite solution for this.


Does that help?

Thanks for the info, and I appreciate the detailed response and you looking into it. When he hooked up to the T4s’s aux output, he didn’t get a signal (just a lot of white noise) but for some reason, he got a clean signal when connecting to the output on the L1 compact 1/4" Mono connection on the back.  I know it had nothing to do with the settings or configuration on the T4s b/c I could use both Aux's output for connecting to my S1 Pro monitor. 

I somewhat asked this on the other post, but what if instead of using a 1/4 TRS balanced to XLR Male, I used a 1/4TRS to 1/4TRS and the video equipment's 1/4 was stereo, not mono like typical 1/4 or XLR Pro equipment.  Would it not work?

Hello again jaswrx,


This would definitely not work if one end is balanced (i.e., your T4S) and the other end is stereo.  Balanced audio sends an in-phase signal on one lead and an out-of-phase signal on the other.  When sent to another balanced audio device, it reassembles the two and anything left over is electrical noise, which is discarded.  Stereo uses one lead for the left channel and one lead for the right channel.  When you send a balanced signal to a stereo device expecting L and R, it doesn't know what to do with it.  Sometimes you get no sound, other times it's very distorted, sometimes it's very low volume and "hollow" sounding.

Thanks for clarifying and confirming 🙂 


Some of these recorders use 1/8 stereo (unbalanced) input connections.  Clearly not as professional as most of the devices that use balanced inputs, so if I am stuck with 1/8 stereo as the input, could I use this cable 1/4 TS to 1/8 stereo cable? TS to 1/8 stereo cable hosa&qid=1644091087&sprefix=1/4 ts to 1/8 stereo cable hosa,aps,145&sr=8-5

Hello again jaswrx,


It should work -- probably.  Not sure of the sound quality.


Have you thought about coming out of the headphone jack on the side of the T4S (unless you're already using it for headphones)?  Even if using it for headphones, maybe use a headphone adapter?

I have not really thought about coming out of the headphones, but isn't that a stereo out, which I thought would short out the T4s's headphone output when sending a 1/4 Stereo signal from the T4s, to a 1/4 balanced input that is mono (as you pointed out earlier)?


Or, are you just referring to using the stereo 1/4 headphone from the T4s out when knowingly connecting to a stereo input, whether it be 1/4 or 1/8 such as consumer recorders. 

Hello again jaswrx,


I was referring to your question about the videographer's equipment possibly having a stereo input.  In that case a 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS (or 1/8" TRS) from the T4S headphone jack would provide an unbalanced stereo signal.

ok, great to know, I have both options.


Last question related to videographer...


If I understand correctly, a 1/4 taken from the Aux out has to be TRS for balanced, not TRS for stereo, so if they used a 1/4 TRS that is then split into Left Right RCA (obviously unbalanced), like the one below, I assume that won't work either since the 1/4 is wired for stereo?,aps,135&sr=8-12&th=1

Hello again jaswrx,


"...I assume that won't work either since the 1/4 is wired for stereo?"


You are correct.  Going from balanced to stereo (or vice-versa) via just a cable doesn't work, because of the whole "left & right" vs. "in-phase & out-of-phase" issue still has to be resolved.  Some sort of interface between the two is required.


In short, with a T4S use one of the AUX OUT's to send balanced mono audio (TRS to TRS or TRS to XLR); use the headphone jack to send unbalanced stereo (1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS or 1/4" TRS to 1/8" TRS.)


A totally different option (and one I've used in a pinch) is to get another low-cost small mixer (example: a Behringer 502) and sending the AUX OUT balanced mono from the Bose mixer to a channel input on the second mixer.  The mixer I referred to has both left and right 1/4" TS (unbalanced) and RCA (unbalanced) output jacks, as well as a 1/4" TRS stereo unbalanced headphone jack.  That should cover most any situation where you need to send out unbalanced stereo.  Then you can cover those "one off" situations, as well as have a spare mixer for emergency situations, without much extra investment.

Thanks, and makes sense.  I think I got all my options covered.  Again, thank you!