Tonematch T! master out very dirty sound

HI Just curious if this is a send for repair/replace or any other advice.


T1 Tonematch approx 4 years old. Been rock solid and performed well in loads of gigs but went to connect out via master to another PA system and got nothing. Luckily we had another tonematch T1 which worked ok and we were sorted.


Later  I took the problematic one and playing an mp3 through the Tonematch, connected it out to a guitar amp and it was pretty distorted with a buzz but you could faintly hear the track. There was a lot more buzz than track but sounds like the channel is goosed. Is this a servicing job or is there anything I can do... all other channels are fine and its in regular gigging use (now that gigs are back!) Any info welcome... thanks.





Hi Pabby061203!

Sorry to hear you're having an issue with your T1 mixer. I recommend contacting the Bose Pro support team directly to troubleshoot and discuss service options.

Just to let anyone else who has a T1 ToneMatch know... This is from Bose servicing themselves...When it comes to any servicing, the T1's are no longer being serviced. Instead, there is an exchange program in place now where they will,  for £148 sterling (in my case -dollars/other currencies will be different), take your T1 and give you a brand new T4s that has 2 years warranty.


For me thats a good deal and will be taking them up on it.


Just FYI for who ever needs it.








Have you tried this: plug the mp3 player into T1 channel 1-3 (not 4) and give it a lot of gain. I've found that using channel 4 in this context outputs an extremely weak signal, presumably because of impedance mismatch with the mp3 source. In any case it works fine using any of the relatively 'hot' XLR/mic inputs 1-3.