Tonematch T4S low input signal on keyboard

Our 2 piece band of keyboard (Tyros 5 and Genos) plus guitar and vocal. We have been using the T4S with the L1/2 successfully for several years. Recently the sIgnal from the keyboard into the T4 has not had a good sound and I have noticed that the gain staging has to be all the way up to get a signal that still is low In volume both with the Tyros 5 and the new Genos. Input is to channel 5/6.  I have taken the whole system in for repair but the tech can’t find the reason the gain staging has stopped working as it should.


i am thinking of getting the T8s as we could use more inputs, but this assumes that the fault lies in the T4 and not the amplifier in the L1. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the gain staging would be attenuated like this? (...and a fix. The tech has done a factory set and updated the firmware with no joy as yet.


thanks guys... Jeremy.

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your post, welcome to the forum!

If only the keyboard signal is low, and guitar and vocals are coming through at a healthy level, this wouldn't be an issue with the L1 system.

As you're using the aux inputs for the keys, make sure the level for channels 5/6 has not been decreased. This can be checked in the 'Pan/Aux Functions' section of the channel edit settings - see page 20 of the Owner's Guide for instructions. 

Also, how are you outputting from the T4S to the L1?