Tonematch T8s distortion clipping red LED warning lights

Tone Match T8S  connected to L1 model 2 with B2


Unable to set the gain to proper levels on vocals or instruments due to the lack of red light signaling overload.  We are having to guess where to set the gain levels.  


When we do get pre-amp distortion there are no red light signals to indicate which channel the problem is located.   When I check the input levels, I can find the problem by identifying which channel is maxxed out.  But again, no red-light overload indicator and any channel. 


We have 2 T1 tonematch units and both work flawlessly.....what's up with the T8s?


Hi wfsjr2,

This seems unusual. Does the input indicator still light green when signal is present?

Which instruments are you using with the T8S?

Are you using any other outboard equipment (e.g. pre-amps, FX pedals) before going into the T8S?

I agree that this is very unusual.  (to start with: All green input lights were working. The Red LED would eventually appear if gain was maxed.   We changed all cables and tested all inputs, and removed processors from the chain).  We run 4 mics and 5 instruments (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, fiddle, and "thumper") through our Bose T1 and T8s.  Our band has been using 2 T1 tonematch mixers for years and we upgraded one to a T8S which worked great for nearly 2 years.  We started getting distortion at a large outdoor gig.  There were no RED LED lights to indicate preamp overload but that's what is sounded like.  Bursts of static.  We were running the T8S into two L1 Model 2, with B2 bass units, and both L1's were distorting.  We just turned down the input until the overload breakthrough was minimized.  We ran into the problem again at practice.  Bass player (his T8s) reported that he had noticed this problem at another gig with another band, when he played harmonica.  We focused on his mic channel to start with but the overall problem (No RED LED indicators)  continued.  We even ran the T8s through a powered JBL, with the same issue occurring.  A quick call to BOSE and we were advised to return the unit for inspection and rehab.