Trying to pair virtually wireless surround speakers to Soundtouch 300

I purchased a soundtouch 300 Soundbar and connected via hdmi to my TV. Sounds great and I wanted to add surround speakers so I bought 2 virtually wireless power adapters for my Bose cube speakers and attempted to pair them to the Soundbar.  Following the steps in the manual, the lights flash on both the Soundbar and wireless adapters and after a few minutes the adapters are solid white which means connected.  The light on the Soundbar doesn’t turn white, but amber which if I understand correctly is the adapters are set to the same side (l or r).  I have tried unplugging one of the 2 wireless adapters but still get the amber light on the Soundbar.  

i am looking for suggestions, I did update the soundtouch just to make sure that isn’t the issue. 

The virtually wireless adapters are about 12 feet from the Soundbar.  As noted, the pairing process looked pretty normal and once the wireless adapters went solid white the connection light on the soundbar turned amber.  

i do have a Bose sl2 receiver in another room, is that the cause of the problem? 


Just to clarify, the connection LED flashes amber.


I reset the sound touch, and tried adding just one adapter and get the same flashing amber light.


The app setting recognizes that surround speaker(s) are connected, but I get no sound.   

Is there a small left/right switch on the adapters?  I don't remember.

Yes, the adapter has a switch for left or right.  They are on different settings.  Talking with Bose support, the adapters appear to be functioning properly, and the sound touch 300 connects to them.  


I am using the adapters connected to my legacy double jewel cube speakers, which are not listed as compatible; and it would appear that the surround 300 or surround 700 speakers themselves have some kind of circuitry that allows the sound touch / adapter to communicate and properly function.


Since Bose is currently out of stock of the surround speakers, I'm on hold until I can locate suitable speakers, unless somebody knows of anything else to try.



That's correct. Only the Surround Speakers or Surround Speakers 700 are compatible for this setup. Keep an eye on our website for further stock releases.


If you have any questions in the meantime, do let us know.



Are the surround 300 or 700 speakers analog speakers just like other Bose speakers?  Or do they communicate digitally with the wireless adapter?

Hey Miner, 


Thanks for reaching back out to the Community! 


They require a wired connection to the wireless receivers. The wireless receivers then communicate to the soundbar using a 2.4GHz wireless signal. 


Please do let us know if you have any further questions. 


Thanks.  I’m trying to figure out why my wireless adapters (P/N 421088) seem to link just fine to my Soundbar, but I don’t get sound to the speaker?


Should I run the sound calibration after I get connected?   

No problem! 


Once connected please do run ADAPTiQ. If you still don't have any audio from your system, we have some great steps here that will resolve this for you. 


Please do update us on the result of these steps! 

Is my issue being caused by the original Bose double cube speakers?  Is their low impedance causing the power adapter to shut down?

If so, are there any other Bose speakers (other than the virtually invisible cube or surround 700) that can be driven by the adapter?


I got the new set of 700s and hooked it all up and once I paired it to my soundbar, I got a sound chime.   Turned on music and have surround sound!

I need to find a 300, 500 or 700 subwoofer to complete my migration from a vintage, but still awesome sounding Lifestyle system.