TV Speaker not recognized

I have the TV Speaker, purchased new in July 2020,  no issues up until April or May of this year, anytime I lost power in my house the TV would not recognize it on the HDMI-arc input. It was a Sharp Roku TV. It would take many attempts at unplugging and power the sound bar back on and unplugging the HDMI cable many times to get it working. I finally had enough and sent it in for repair in June. Bose sent it back to me after 30 days; the only report I got was the firmware was upgraded.  I purchased a new TV last month (Samsung QLED), lost power a few days ago and now I’m back in the same boat with the TV not recognizing the HDMI ARC connection between the soundbar and TV. So this is not a TV issue and I get the same problem using the optical audio cable. I’ve tried different HDMI cables with no success. Now this soundbar is out of warranty and useless. I have to buy another Bose product because I have the Bose subwoofer but I will not buy another of these TV speakers. Has anyone else had this issue ? I own a solo 5 and the original solo tv sound system, no issues with either of them.