Tv to L1Pro32

I’m hooking my iPhone to tv via HDMI cable. Running a kareoke app. I need to run my audio from Tv to L1Pro32. What would be best? RCA white and red cables to 3.5 or is there something else I’m not thinking of? 



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Hi keri!

If your TV has RCA audio outputs (red & white), I'd say using an RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable and connecting to channel 3 on the L1 Pro32 is the simplest solution.

Hope this helps!

Hi! I tried that but it's not doing anything. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I see where to change the TV setting but it's not recognizing anything being hooked up. 


Hi keri5374!

Double-check that the RCA connections are audio outputs, and not audio inputs.

If the RCAs are inputs, does your TV have a headphone jack output instead?

I'll get some photos so you can see what I'm trying to explainer. LOL... I use to be so techy and I feel so out of the loop with my PA. There are so many hook up options now... HDMI, Bluetooth, Digital Optical, etc. etc.

Here you go... 🙂

Screenshot 2022-01-05 165045.jpgScreenshot 2022-01-05 165123.jpg

Hello keri5374


I see the problem ... the jacks you are hooking to are indeed inputs, not outputs.  Those are for connecting older-style equipment, like VCR's, DVD players, and some game systems (before most things went to HDMI. It uses the yellow cable for video input and the red and white for stereo audio input.)


Your TV's audio output jacks are above the two HDMI inputs and "reset" button.  There are two methods of audio out:  1) a 1/8" TRS headphone out (the lower one) or 2) an optical connector (the upper one).  The optical output uses a fiberoptic cable to connect to a soundbar or AV receiver commonly used with high-end multi-channel multi-speaker systems.


To connect your TV to your Pro32, you can:


Use a good quality 1/8" TRS to 1/8" TRS cable.  Get one only as long as needed to do the job, to reduce the chance of hum.


You can also obtain a digital-to-analog converter to connect to the optical out, then connect your existing Y-cable to the converter.  Here's one example: Digital to analog converter (I'm not recommending this particular unit -- this is just one brand of many available online or at most electronics stores. I even found one at my favorite building supply chain!)

Thanks for the pictures, that made the solution easy!


Does that help?

Thank you! I just seen your message now. I'll have to check my notifications. Sorry for the delay. I'll work on this and let everyone know what I make out!:)

Is this an option for the output above the reset button?



And would this be the BEST quality audio to the bose PA?

Hello again keri5374,


The cable you linked to (i/8" TRS to 1/4" TS) would not be the best choice.  It shorts the left and right stereo signals from the 1/8" jack together to create a mono signal, which might damage your TV.  The proper cable would be a 1/8" TRS to 1/8" TRS, like this:


3.5mm Audio Cable 6FT, 90 Degree Right Angle 3.5mm(1/8" TRS) Male to Male Auxiliary Stereo Cable Gold Plated Nylon Braid HiFi Audio Cord for Car, Headphone, iPhones, Tablets 


or this:


HOSA CMM105 3.5mm TRS male to 3.5mm TRS male cable 5 foot (and HOSA makes this cable in different lengths as well.)


This would connect from the 1/8" headphone out jack on the TV (the just one above the reset button) to the 1/8" AUX input on Channel 3 of your Pro32.  This would be the proper cable connection; I can't comment on the cable quality or the quality of the sound from your TV's headphone jack.  Your Pro32 should faithfully and powerfully reproduce whatever signal you get!


I also don't know whether plugging the cable into the headphone jack on your TV will automatically disable the TV's own speakers, or whether you'll need to go into the TV's setup menus to select the headphone jack for audio output.


Does that help?

Alright!!! I'm hell bent on getting this customized and set up so I really appreciate it! And, Once I get my system set up where it's working like a well oil machine I'll post. The help through this forum is top-notch. I'm learning a lot so Thank You!!!!!😀

It worked!!! So now I can connect my iPhone to the tv with a hdmi and apple connector. Log onto my KaraFun app (kareoke) and run the IPhone, TV to the PA system. I can’t use WiFi and Bluetooth at same time because my Phone is my hotspot but for it to work exactly like I wanted. Works fantastic!!! Thanks for everyone’s help... !!!