Tyros L or L/L R (one cable or two) and stereo

Do you have one cable (main L/L R) from your Tyros to your mixer or two (main L and main R) from your Tyros to your mixer ?

Do you notice any loss in quality of the stereo sampled sounds such as piano voices ?


My set up is I have one cable with 1/4 jack from my L/L R on the Tyros going into channel one  with 1/4 jack on my Allen & Heath mixer then I have one XLR cable from the left hand output on the mixer going into my Bose L1 Compact into channel two , I then set the main mix level on the A&H mixer to O then turn the volume on the Bose up to where I want it about 12 o clock turn the pan on the mixer to far left and adjust channel one on the mixer to suit what sound you are happy with, you need to play around with the settings always keep the sound levels on the mixer in the green